5 countries supplying it with all three product type

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Compared to its German competitor, Nike’s revenue is slightly more weighted toward footwear.Adidas generates Nike Air Max 270 Donne more of its overall revenue from selling apparel, but footwear is still the biggest product category for sales.Adidas and Nike both have powerful brands that are sold around the world. North America and Nike Air VaporMax Femme Western Europe are the pair’s two top regions for sales. Unsurprisingly, Western Europe is the main market for Germany’s Adidas while North America is the biggest market for America's Nike.Unsurprisingly, both Nike and Adidas source the vast majority of their production from Asia, with Adidas concentrating slightly more of its manufacturing in the region than Nike. As expected, Nike has more production happening in the Americas, whereas Adidas has more facilities in Europe. Africa forms a tiny portion of overall manufacturing Nike Air Max 2015 Womens for both companies.Nike has about 554 factories spread over 42 countries supplying it with footwear, apparel Nike Roshe Run Femme and equipment.Both have footholds in emerging markets, with Greater China Nike Air Max 270 Femmerepresenting the third largest market for the pair. However, Adidas generates more of its revenue in the country than Nike does.
Nike has 8% of all its production based in the US. These production facilities predominantly produce apparel and some equipment, but no footwear is produced in the US whatsoever. Chinese manufacturers supply 23% of all Nike’s production. The types of products these Nike Air Max 1 Mujer factories make is more evenly split between the three product categories, with a slight weighting given to apparel.Factories in Vietnam contribute 16% of Nike Roshe Run Mujer Nike’s total production, predominantly creating apparel and footwear with a small amount of equipment.Adidas Adidas Superstar Mujer has over 800 factories based in 55 countries supplying it with all three product types.Vietnam produces 44% of all Nike Air Vapormax Womens Adidas footwear, followed by Indonesia at 25% and China at 19%. The largest single factory producing footwear accounts for about 10% of all footwear produced.China is responsible for 23% of apparel made each year, followed by Cambodia at 22% and Vietnam at 18%. The largest single factory producing apparel accounts for about 10% of all apparel output.China is also the largest producer of Adidas equipment, responsible for about 40% of the company’s total, followed by Pakistan at 18% and Turkey at 15%.
The largest Nike Air Max 270 Damen single factory producing equipment makes about 15% of the German company’s total.Both Adidas and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Womens Nike have delivered consistent revenue growth over recent years, and net income for both firms reached record Nike Dunk Sky High Donne highs in the 2017 financial year. Adidas reached a milestone last year by pushing its gross margin over the 50% threshold, but Nike has had a tougher time dealing with tighter margins of late.Shareholders in both companies have enjoyed reliable dividend payments, but Adidas shareholders have seen more consistent growth in dividend payments than Nike shareholders over more recent years.Nike joined the New York Stock www.romuslus.fr Exchange (NYSE) after completing its initial public offering (IPO) on 2 December 1980. The following chart covers the period since listing and is in dollars:Adidas launched its IPO on 17 November 1995, when it joined the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The following chart covers the period since listing and is in Nike Air Max 270 Mujer Nike Air Force 1 Femme euros:
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