Le nouveau Clip "L´amour n´est rien&q

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Le nouveau Clip "L´amour n´est rien&q

Сообщение Mel. » 31 мар 2006, 10:34

Bonjour mes amis Russes, Hello my russian friends :roll:

- comment trouvez-vous le nouveau clip de notre ange roux? "L´amour n´est rien"...et bien, moi je le trouve absolument douce et très sexy. Oh mon dieu...Mylène est tellement belle *grrrr*... :lol:

- so, how do you like the new clip from our red angel Mylène? I like it very much, she so sweet, beautiful and sexy, what do you think about it?

Ici encore une fois le lien pour ceux qui n´on pas eu...

- and here you can find the link...


Doswijdanja i Poka (is it right?) :?

"C'est bien ma veine. Je souffre en douce
Jґattends ma peine. Sa bouche est si douce"

Сообщение Offensee » 31 мар 2006, 14:28

Dsl,mais je n'aime pas lui :?

Oui, ce correct :roll:
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Сообщение Nora » 31 мар 2006, 23:31

Mel - Well i didn`t like the video.
Mylene goes crazy.... Is this true that the director of the video - her new lover Benuoit Di Sabbatino? So she is dancing for him - it looks like erotic home video.

BTW - Did you see new Pink`s clip Stupid Girls ?

Mylene is going to be one of them together with Paris Hilton.

I don`t get exited from the naked Mylene - like i guess boys wouldn`t be exite of naked Justin Timberlake.

And all that "simplicity " of the video is not new also. That means,i think, - no ideas in to director`s mind. Well , i see,Benuoit Di Sabbatino knows how do do career.Just make successful woman think that she finally founded her true love.bingo!

Mylene was shoot by paparazzi last mouth together with him and almost naked on the beach - i think that it was the start of the idea of this video.
And , yes, i think Mylene just lost her mind of Benoit, because she was never look so stupid like in this video.She was never act that stupid like this year!

She probably do anything to please this unknown person ( sorry - mister Director !)
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I´m sorry, but I like it!

Сообщение Mel. » 06 апр 2006, 11:13


yes it is true, Benoît was the producer and I don´t like Benoît, he is stupid!
But the clip, I like it, not because she´s naked, only because she is so sweet and so simply. You know, I like very very very the old clips: PQSD, Tristana, JTRTA, Libertine, ...that´s my favorits! But I like this new clip, but it it´s only simple, no spacial effects,...Mylène is so happy in this clip and I need her smile.

Yes, I saw the new clip from Pink, but Mylène has nothing to do with this! There are very stupid gils, but Mylène is for me a little DIVA.


Have a nice day
Bye bye

Mylène is the BEST!
"C'est bien ma veine. Je souffre en douce

Jґattends ma peine. Sa bouche est si douce"
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Re: I´m sorry, but I like it!

Сообщение Logique » 06 апр 2006, 12:23

Mel. писал(а):Mylène is so happy in this clip and I need her smile.

Probably we have got used simply to another Милен, sad... :-o
"Только когда плывешь против течения
Понимаешь чего стоит свободное мнение..."
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2 Mel. and others: L'amour n'est rien

Сообщение Alexis » 26 сен 2006, 17:56

Excuse moi, ju suis oublie toute le Francais ;-)

Probably you would be laughing, but I just registered here just because I want to say that I completely agree with you, Mel.!!!

And, with full respect to thier opinion, 100% disagree with Nora, Logique regarding the video 'L'amour n'est rien'.

Even I'm not aware about the background of the story of the video and how stupid (isn't it sad...) Benuoit Di Sabbatino is... But listen, please. The video and Mylen there - both are WONDERFUL, Mylene is just the BEST there. Femina! A kind of women I/we would like to see sometimes, a kind of women's behaviour is missing sometimes. Writing that afeter seeing this video several times. I think the world can be better with more women like that.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone with such opinion. Probably others just didn't respond.

Russian, fu#&ing 30++ year old ;-)

Сообщение -=UNREAL TWILIGHT=- » 27 сен 2006, 14:45

Alexis, Изображение
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Сообщение FlashGordon » 28 сен 2006, 15:36

Mel, Alexis, ich habe dieses Clip auch gern! Ich bin nur teilweise mit Nora einferstanden – video bringt nicht so viel Philosophie, wie andere. Mylene ist hier so gluecklich, dass diese stimmung koenen wir auch fuellen...
Es gibt hier ueberhaupt keine Luege oder Dummheit.
Ich weiss nicht ob Benua klug oder dumm ist, ich bin mit ihm nicht persoenlich bekannt, aber meiner Meinung nach, er ist er ein tallentvoller regisseur...
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