Marriage advice from Leona Zoey

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Marriage advice from Leona Zoey

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The line between friend & spouse is firmly divided: Friends are for friendship; Spouses are for love. There’s a new perspective that distorts this perception of human relationships. We should treat our spouse more like a friend. What is the benefit of this mindset? Read on for some insightful ways to reconnect your marriage on a different level.

“Love is a Battlefield”

Pat Benatar has sung these lyrics in 1983 and it carries a tremendous amount of truth. Love is a polarized sensation — it hosts extremes of human emotion. Strong love and strong hate are closely tied. When we love someone dearly, we also experience the opposite end of the spectrum when things don’t go well. Just think of married couples in a verbal battle, all the yelling, blaming, accusing, it seems so vicious compared to reactions in a casual friendship or even a dating relationship.

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